Other benefits from wearing Confidence Socks

Written by Jackson Price

1. Supports foot arch

This is one of the biggest benefits of using Confidence Socks. It can help improving flat arches. Insoles will help support fallen arches by lifting them to an optimal level throughout the movement.

2. Less risk of foot conditions

Our heel silicone pad can reduce your chances of developing common painful foot conditions such as plantar facilities.

3. Relief from foot pain

It is not uncommon to hear about people with flat aches complain of the pain in feet. Confidence Socks will help support proper foot movement and redistribute pressure at the bottom of the feet.

4. Improve your posture

Wearing the shoe insoles or insert can effectively 'teach' the body to stand and walk with better posture, which lessens the burden on our musculoskeletal system and reduces pain in the feet and the ankles, shins, and lower back.

5. Convenient for everyday lifestyle

We are different from taller shoes for men or elevation shoes because our insole can be worn inside your home without wearing shoes.

6. Invisible

Confidence socks represent the fastest solution to increase your height while being discrete. Our silicone heel lifts stay invisible at all times. No more worries about people seeing shoe insert or insole when you take off your shoes.


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