Confidence Socks USA®

Want to look taller effortlessly?
We can help you with our innovative solution!

○ Increases height by 1.5 inch

○ Invisible underneath your socks

○ Lightweight

○ Reusable

○ 100% silicone

○ Come in pairs

Perfect for weddings, parties, social events, date nights, interviews, business meetings, and everyday use!

Unlike other heigh increasing insoles or shoe inserts, Confidence Socks stay invisible and hidden with or without shoes!

We are the most innovative solution and fastest way to help you get taller.


I work in a corporate setting and am always meeting people for business. Being taller in a professional environment can be quite beneficial. These height increasing insoles really help me boost my confidence, and I noticed I have a better posture while walking.

Dillion T.

I used to be insecure about my height because I'm only 5'7. Confidence Socks make me look taller, and I noticed a big difference. People around me also made comments. They don't know I'm wearing these shoe inserts (socks insert). These are some of the compliments I have received.. "You look great. Have you been working out?", "There is an aura about you today.", "You look healthier." It is interesting how being taller can change the way people perceive you. It definitely boosted my confidence!

Michael L

My girlfriend is pretty tall. Whenever she wears tall high heels, she is almost my height. These heel cups saved me because I want to look taller than my partner. She thinks it's cool and she encourages me to wear it. These shoe inserts are very comfortable & the best part is you can take off your shoes and people won't see it because it's invisible underneath your socks. You can stay tall even without wearing your shoes!

Ashten W.

It is comfortable once you get used to walking around in them. These heels socks are stretchy and soft. Confidence Socks has helped my flat-footed issues. It doesn’t look noticeable with socks and it doesn’t stretch out and widen my shoes like other shoe insoles. I can jump in these. Very satisfied.

José H.

These height increasing insoles did precisely what they claimed. Interesting story... I had to pass a BMI test for a job because I am a professional trainer, and I needed a bit over an inch in height. I used these heels life and passed. Brilliant!

Amir I.